Mindful Eating Training MB-EAT


By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to the following guidelines: 

Respect the confidentiality of personal experiences that are shared in the class  

The videos are for your use only to review the material and not to be shared with other people 

 Class sessions are for registered class participants only. Each video session has a private unlisted link to your class for your use only. Everything that participants share in the program of a personal nature is confidential. 

Please do not share this private unlisted link with any others.
Written teachback materials are for your use to learn and practice the skills, and practices. Handouts and support materials from the course are only for use with your clients and teaching public classes.

Materials you use from the program for working with your clients or teaching the public MB-EAT class are to be acknowledged as from MB-EAT or Well Nourished.

All materials including course program, handouts and videos are copyrighted by Mindful Eating Training and Andrea Lieberstein and are NOT authorized for reproduction online or print for promotional or instructional purposes beyond the scope of this training to use these materials to support your work with individual clients or teach the 12 week MB-EAT public program if you graduate as a Qualified MB-EAT Instructor.